Infected Rain first appeared on my radar in the lead up to their 4th full length, ‘Endorphin’. I enjoyed the singles, then the album came out and I enjoyed that too, but then i didn’t give it another thought.

But then I saw them live…

Infected Rain put on one of the most captivating performances I’ve seen. I’ve never had my opinion of a band improve so dramatically from a concert, but they were just so damn good that music I had liked I know loved. I put ‘Endorphin’ back on the next day, for the first time in months, and had a newfound appreciation.

This is somewhere between melodic death metal and groove metal. It’s heavy, the riffs hit hard, but have a tremendous head banging groove to them. Vocalist Lena Scissorhands alternates between brutal roars and beautiful cleans effortlessly (and perfectly emulates the studio recordings in a live setting).

Infected Rain are the only Moldovan band I know of, but what amazing ambassadors for Moldova’s metal scene they are. This is powerful, melodic metal from a band whose live performance gets my absolute highest recommendation. Go out of your way to see this band on a stage.