Igorrr is the main artistic outlet of producer/multi-instrumentalist/madman Gautier Serre and is the connecting thread of the previous five bands we’ve discussed. With Igorrr, Serre enlists both Laure Le Prunenec (Rรฏcรฏnn) and Laurent Lunoir (ร–xxรถ Xรถรถx), who assist him in bringing to life this ultimate testament to his musical genius.

Igorrr is the culmination and pinnacle of all the genre-melding, influence-absorbing experimentation we’ve heard from the previously discussed bands, and especially could be considered the purest example of Serre’s inimitable and, what I would now consider, iconic sound.

Booming, bass-driven riffs, operatic vocals, breakbeats, classical music (mainly baroque), Balkan traditional, and strong inspirations from black, progressive, and industrial metal sound like such a disparate, assorted list of elements that one could be forgiven for thinking no unified arrangement could ever be borne of such bedlam. But that is wrong.

Having already praised Laure Le Prunenec’s vocals ad nauseum, I can only really say that, again, she astounds throughout. Her vocal chemistry with the powerful Laurent Lunoir is truly incomparable in metal. Both are remarkable, unique vocalists and here they further cement themselves among the greats.

These remarkable talents are further highlighted by the production and genius of Gautier Serre, who is a central figure to some remarkable, rule-breaking, genre-defying compositions. The past 6 days I have spent talking about people creating some of the most exciting, engaging, and innovative music I have ever heard, and at the center of it all – this Igorrr-verse – is Gautier Serre and Igorrr.

Igorrr is perhaps the most singularly and sincerely unique band in extreme metal. Such is the fluidity and cohesiveness of the sounds combined here that genres and descriptors like those cited previously cease to apply, and the truest label one could give the band is simply ‘Igorrr‘, a genre unto themselves.