Rïcïnn is the solo project (and pseudonym) of French singer Laure Le Prunenec, whose commanding and engaging voice could see her front operas the world over, and yet she chooses far more exciting outlets for her talent. Through multiple collaborations and artistic endeavours, she has demonstrated herself to be of extraordinary talent and a drive to push styles far from commonplace and meld genres far-reaching and diverse.

With Rïcïnn, Laure Le Prunenec’s talent is front and centre more than ever and, possibly shocking no one, does not disappoint. Her voice soars over stunning soundscapes of classical compositions, before tribal drums rise from beneath, an unfamiliar tension builds, and the song lurches forward. The vocals become hostile, possessed, not out of place fronting an avant-garde metal band, but shocking perhaps to an unsuspecting listener who’d been courted with visions of a violins and cellos in a cathedral in Italy somewhere.

Abruptly, the strings are back, but things sound gloomier. The vocals are pained, and violins cut sharply through a chanting choir. This is a magnificent, strangely ominous, masterpiece. Suddenly the phrase ‘funeral; opera‘ that has been used to describe Rïcïnn makes total sense,

Rïcïnn is the art of someone unfettered by expectation or convention. Instead, we are transported to an ethereal place where opera, electronica, and the extreme are entwined and augmented, and there are no genres, only an experience.

Rïcïnn embodies some of my favorite elements from music… emotion, heaviness, beauty all done with extreme talent.

Travis Ryan, Cattle Decapitation